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Bergamo`s a province formed by mountains and the part most old of the city among walls. City of the Lombardia that has his low city and her high city, a beauty enorms in her mountain and green, concrets and houses.
You`ll find in Bergamo or next of the city points of ski, villas, castels, sanctuaries, museums, galleries and medievals villas.
In his center is situated: S. Maria Maggiore, the Duomo, Piazza Vecchia and the Colleoni Chapel.

--- A few touristics points:
Social Theater of Bergamo - Via Bartolomeo Colleoni, 4.
Academia Carrara - Piazza dell`Academia.
Palazzo Creberg - Largo Porta Nuova, 2.
Basílica St Maria Maggiore - Piazza del Duomo.
Contemporary Modern Art Gallery - Via S. Tommaso, 53.
Civic Natural Science Museuns " E Caffi Civic Tower " - Piazza Vecchia.

In his historic center, has the funicular that take as far as the bus and this if want goes as far as the Puorta Nuova.
In central station across front can to take the bus " stazione " and after take other to the fate that desire.

--- Bergamo is situated of subway:
At 50 minutes of Milan.
At 2 hours and 15 minutes of Venice.
At 50 minutes of Brescia.

Links Parks:
Faunistico le Cornelle Park.
Spiazzi di Gromo.
Via Res Park (Fino del Monte).
SKY San Simone.
Bersaglio Northern Shore of Iseo Lake.
Valle Vertova.
Orto Botanico of Bergamo Lorenzo Rota.
Adda Nord Park.


Links Theaters:
Donizetti Theater.
Creberg Theater.


Links Museums:
GAMeC - Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery.
Accademia Carrara.
Archaeological Museum of Bergamo.
Donizettiano Museum.
Palazzo Moroni Foundation Museum.
Cathedral Museum and Treasure.


Others Links:
Climate and Time.




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