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--- History:

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The tribes of the indians called plains or mountain by the spanish, dominated the region before the arrival of the europeus and corresponding them the title of first settlers.
The arrival of the white man to this area of the province of Buenos Aires happened in 1581, with a scouting expedition, led by Juan de Garay.
In 1746, at the request of the spanish monarch, is founded on the banks of the lagoon of the Cabrillas (now Laguna de los Padres) la Reduction of Our Lady of Pilar by jesuit priests. The indigenous population had reached the considerable number of 1.200 people, which led to the priests to seek recognition as a people place. Despite making this request been granted, its existence falled at indians attack.
The missionaries left the installations on september, 1th, of 1751. The purpose of establish with the Brazil a more active exchange current than existed, led to a portuguese consortium to establish a salting of beef in this area for being the most geographically appropriate for that purpose. That establishment and other installations were provided by José Coelho de Meyrelles, who came to this area in late 1856.
The population about salting began to be called Puerto de la Laguna de los Padres. Certain economic and health losses away from José Coelho de Meyrelles who sold their property to Patricio Peralta Ramos. Understanding the great future of this area, Patricio Peralta Ramos, turned his best efforts to give momentum force. In 1873, decided to build the Chapel of St. Cecilia, whose name recalls the wife of Don Patricio, Cecilia Robles. In november of that year began the necessary arrangements with the Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, to recognize the existence of people, emphasizing the name he had chosen: Mar del Plata. Finally the Decree of february, 10th, of 1874 signed by the Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires recognizes the people. Subsequently appoint itself this date as the foundation of the city of Mar del Plata.
The arrival of Pedro Luro in 1877, who took charge of salting, the fat rendering, install a mill and built a new dock, give a decisive impetus to agriculture and development in the area. In 1879, the provincial ruled, authorizes the creation of Municipality of General Pueyrredon.

--- Origin of the name:

No Patricio Peralta Ramos family knows why he chose this name founder. We have two hypothesis:
1 - The Indians qualified to the beach bright, flashy and might give rise to the name of Mar del Plata.
2 - That the name of the river de La Plata became the city on the ocean in "Mar de Plata and Mar del Plata".

--- Mar del Plata - Beaches & Sports:
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Get in the beautiful historical coast of the Argentina, is a city founded in 1874 and today with a population of 625.000 inhabitants.

--- Tourist attractions and things to do during his stay in Mar del Plata:

You find different types of leisure. You can to go and rest in the squares, parks and maybe read a good book, visit many museums and one of the great attractions of the city, the Torreón del Monje.

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If you want other types of tours may visit the Belo Zoológico Paraíso, Aquário Mar del Plata and enstâncias. To those who like more up move, practiced sport and like of adventure, the city has beautiful fields of golf and gym for working out and fitness, also shall can horse riding, paragliding and riding a parachute jump, air tours take place, make climbing and rappelling, mountain biking. In the beautiful and big pavement in back of the complex Central Casino and Provincial Hotel you can to walk of
rollerblading and roller.

Now, if you prefer to contemplate and up venture in the sea coast, its beautiful coastline offers sea tour and cruise, boat rides in your ports, canoeing, surfing and windsurfing lessons and, also of course, various place for those who enjoy a nice catch.
Not to mention the delicious seafood restaurants and fun nightclubs in the region south of the city.

--- A few beaches:

The city has various beaches: Punta Inglesia beach, Popular beach, Bristol beach, Varese beach, Chica beach, Grande beach and south beaches.
Punta Inglesia and Bristol Beach - Next to the Paseo Adolfo Davila to the south, has a rocky ideal for fishing. Next, large bay accompanies the downtown of the city from the Diagonal Alberdi to Torréon de Monje. There, the beaches form a large area of thick sand, due to coastal erosion, with a gentle slope and calm waves, to fully enjoy the swim.
Varese Beach - This wide bay with fine sand and gentle waves extends from the Torréon de Monje to Cabo Corrientes, most salient point of the coast of Argentina. The landscape take color with watercraft, inflatable boats, kayaks and recreational sliders.
South Beaches - South of faro starts a sector of private resorts and inns, in open sea beaches and fine sand, inviting to long walks along of the shore.


--- A few beaches like Punta Inglesia and Varese have a private party, that you can to rent:

Tents: + or - 95 at 110 pesos, the day.
Sunshade: + or - 55 at 75 pesos, the day.
Tables to Kill: + or - 5 at 20 pesos, the day.
Chair: + or - 10 at 25 pesos, the day.

--- A few museums:

José Hernández Municipal Museum - Ruta 226 km, 14,5 - Laguna de los Padres.
Mar Museum - Colón Avenue, 1.114.
Strong Submarine and Armada Argentina Museum - Escollera Norte, at 300 meters of INIDEP Building.
Juan Carlos Castagnino Villa Ortiz Basualdo Museum - Colón Avenue, 1.189.
Natual Sciences Lorenzo Scarglia Municipal Museum - Libertad Avenue 3.099.
Communication Museum - San Martin street, 2.250, 2o floor - Peatonal Shopping.
Naval Vito Dumas Cafe Makao Museum - Bv. Marítimo and P. Peralta Ramos, 3.997, in front at Varese beach.

--- Links Parks:

Camet Park.
Reserve of Sea Wolves.
El Paraiso Zoo (Zoologico El Paraiso).
Spa Parador South Beach.

--- Links Theaters:

Multiteatro Mar Del Plata.
Auditorium Theater.
Guemes Theater.
Four Elements Theater Space.

--- Links Museums:

Lorenzo Scaglia Municipal Museum of Natural Sciences.
MAR Museum of Contemporary Art.
Submarines Force Museum.
El Coleccionista.
Municipal Museum of Art Juan C. Castagnino.
Bruzzone House.

--- Others Links:
Pergamino Hotel.







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