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Balneário Camboriú get in the state of Santa Catarina and has a population of more or less 75.000 inhabitant. It´s a of the great touristic centers in the south of the Brazil, with beautiful beaches and great naturals landscapes.
There you will find excellents and comfortables hotels. And for who want to invest in a good place to pass the vacation and relax. Do not waste time! Balneário Camboriú always with many apartments, from the more simple to the most luxurious. For buy, soon have fun with the family, friends, listen music, bath of sun and relax.

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So enjoy yourself in the beautiful beaches, as the beach Central, Laranjeiras, Taquaras, Taquarinhas, Pinho, Estaleiro and Estaleirinho.


Rezende Suítes Hotel.

Sibara Flat Hotel. -
23 Balneário Camboriú Sport & Fitness Meeting - Sibara Flat Hotel, October 11th at 13 th.

Central Beach (You Tube) - Located in the Avenida Atlântica with 6km long, very good for those what like of walk or run. With numerous bars and beautiful people for make friends, chat and flirt.

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Laranjeiras Beach - Located on the right side of Balneário, more and less 10 minutes by car. Calm sea, good for swimming, walks by the sea and one of the most beautiful of Balneário Camboriú.

Pinho Beach - First official naturism beach of the Brazil. Has clear water, good for bathing and swimming pool among the rocks. The beach is divided in one part for couples and families, and other for men and women without company.
In the entry the turists can to stay dress, provided they do not come in the sand. The beach of the Pinho has camping, inns and a car park.

The Pirate Ship - Pass by Orla of Balneário Camboriú, Ilhas das Cabras and Laranjeiras beach. The tour has approximately one hour of lenght, and gives the right at go and back. Use that walk for enjoy yourself and see beautiful landscapes.

Bondinho - In the unipraias has the famous cable car, the most modern of the Latin America.
Christ Light - Located in the Morro da Cruz with 33 meters of height. Excellent place for do good meals and see of the top the city of Camboriú.
North Pontal - Has the park that does the back by stones. Beautiful and very natural, preserving and showing the Municipal Raimundo Gonçales Malta Park (The Trapiche), leaves of the central beach, passing through of the beautiful Prainha, Buraco beach and Corner of the Loves. Through of his you can to go to the Corner of the Loves, or if you prefer, you can to go of car by the street that cuts the hill. Who is in form, can to go to the Corner of the Loves by street which cuts the hill, walking or running, good distance to exercise of resistance and get some beautiful legs.

Shoppings and Ballads - In the city has great shoppings centers, as Balneário Camboriú Shopping, Atlântico Shopping, and others. At night, in the Avenue Atlantic you find pleasants and charmings bars, many of them with music live, or if prefer, in the bar south of the city will find many ballads for all tastes and styles.

VEGA STAR BAR - Balneário Camboriú - Avenida Brasil, 2031, segundo piso. Em frente ao banco Itaú - QUINTA NAS ALTURAS - Noite dos Namorados.
To finally enjoy all these attractions, can to use the bus (bondinho), that pass by mains points of the city.

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Unipraias Park.
Balneário Camboriú Shopping.
Climate and Time.

At 81 Km of Florianópolis.
At 220 Km of Curitiba.
At 560 Km of Porto Alegre.
At 627 Km of São Paulo.
At 1256 Km of Assunção.
At 1458 Km of Montevidéu.
At 1890 Km of Buenos Aires.
At 15 Km of Navegantes (Airport).




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