Córdoba is a beautiful city and the capital of Córdoba province, the second largest city of the country, with a population of 1.320.000 inhabitants. Córdoba was founded in 1573 and has the oldest university of the country, the Códoba Nacional University, founded in 1613 by the Jesuit Order. It is a city of many universities, cathedrals, churches and museums, which you can to visit.

What stands out is the Jesuit Manzana, declared in 2000 as world heritage by UNESCO.

The majority of turistic points, so, 50% of them are in the central area- of the city such as parks, churches, cathedrals, museums, theaters, shoppings, ecc. For those who are in the city and want to enjoy more the nature, more relaxing, eat ice cream, eat cotton candy, riding a pedal, you can visit the park Sarmiento which is about 8 blocks from the central area.

--- A few churches and cathedrals:
The Cathedral Church.
Church and Convent of Santa Catalina of Sienna.
Jesuit Crypt of the Old Novitiate.
Basílica de Santo Domingo Church.
Basilica of Our Lady of Mercy Church.
Inglesia Church of the Society of Jesus.
Inglesia Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Capuchin Fathers.

--- A few museums:
Municipal Museum of Fine Arts Genaro Pérez.
Religious Art Juan de Tejeda Museum, Las Carmelitas Church and Monastery.
Marqués of Sobremonte Historic Provincial Museum.
Provincial Museum of Fine Arts Emilio Caraffa.
National Meteorological Museum - National Astronomic Observatory.
Natural Sciences Museum.

Córdoba has two bus station. A that make travel to cities that are long distance and a small called of Mercado Sud that make travel to next cities, that take less time and are within of short distance.

--- Small Bus Station - Mercado Sud.

--- In the bus station Mercado Sud you can to go to next cities or regions as:
Capilla del Monte:
Length:fffffffffffffffffffffffff - Price:
Villa Carlos Paz:
Length: + or - 45 minutes - Price: + or - 10 to 20 pesos.
Villa Gen. Belgrano:
Lenght: + or - 1 hour and 30 minutes - Price: + or - 30 to 40 pesos.
Puesto Viejo:

Links Parks:
Nature Reserve Vaquerias.
Condor Foundation.
Laguna Mar Chiquita.
Sarmiento Park.

Links Theaters:
Cordoba Gran Theater.
Carmen GastroFlamenco.
Flamenco Insights.
Taste Flamenco in Bodegas Mezquita.
Tablao Flamenco Cardenal.

Links Museums:
Museum of Fine Arts.
Archaeological Ensemble of Madinat Al-Zahra.
Julio Romero de Torres Museum.
Vivo de Al Andalus Museum.
Ramon Garcia Romero House Museum.
Palace Museum of Viana.
House of the Heads - Patios de Leyenda.
Calahorra Tower.
Flamenco Fosforito Center.

Others Links:
Bus Terminal Villa Carlos Paz.




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