The city of Posadas is the capital of the province of Misiones, with a population of about 322.000 inhabitants. The city does borders with the city of Encarnación in Paraguay, which you can to cross by international bridge San Roque Gonzalez de Santa Cruz. Being in Posadas can to enjoy and take tours by boat on the river Parana. Which you can to see above through of the beautiful picture of the Costanera, a touristic point of the city.
On the bus station, you find the point of bus in front that goes to the center and the main places of the city, or if you prefer, you can to catch a taxi for between 30 to 40 pesos.
The center of the city is among the avenues Corrientes, Roque Pérez, Roque Saenz Peña and Mitre. At the center is the beautiful Inglesia Cathedral, the Plaza 9 de Julio, the beautiful Posadas Plaza Shopping and in the streeet Bolivar you will find good bars, restaurants, shops, money exchange. ecc.

You can to enjoy in the bars and restaurants to make friends with the friendly Argentine.

--- A few museums:
Palacio of the Mate - Ridavia street, 1.846.
History and Natural Science Museum - Urquiza Avenue, 6.700. Take the bus: 13.
Archaeological and Historical Museum "Andrés Guacuraci" - General Paz street, 1.865.
Art Museum "Juan Yapari." - Sarmiento street, 319.
Regional Museum "Anibal Cambas" - Alberdi street, 600. Park the Republic of Paraguay.
Police History Museum - Tucumán street and Felix de Azara.

--- A few pubs, bars and nightclubs to like the night.
Old Sailor `s Irish (Pub) - 3 February, between the Santa Fé street and Sarmiento.
Art Caffe Rock Bar - Sarmiento street, 1.738, between the Félix street and Buenos Aires - Center.
Casino Club (Live Shows) - San Lorenzo street, 1.950.
Cesare Discotheque (Disco Retro) - Entre Rios street, 1.951.
Complejo Power (Disco) - Corrientes Avenue and Centenario.
Cristóbal Restaurant/Café - Costanera Avenue.

Being in Posadas you can to know the Ruins of San Ignacio which is about 60 km. One of the most visited touristic attractions of the Argentina.

Links Parks:

Paraguay Republic Park.
9 de Julio Square.

Links Theaters:
Anfiteatro Manuel Antonio Ramirez.
La Costanera Multicultural Center.

Links Museums:
Regional Aníbal Cambas Museum.

Others Links:
La Iglesia Catedral de Posadas.
Mision Paraná.
Rio Uruguay Bus.
Lake Garupa Nautical Station.

--- Posadas is:
At 1.550 km of Mar del Plata.
At 1.065 km of Buenos Aires.
At 1.140 km of La Plata.
At 320 km of Corrientes.
At 1.180 km of Córdoba.
At 300 km of Puerto Iguaçu.
At 926 km of Rosario.
At 960 km of Salta.
At 1.850 km of Mendoza.
At 850 km of Santa Fé.
At 2.650 km of Bariloche.
At 710 km of Porto Alegre (Brazil).
At 940 km of Curitiba (Brazil).
At 255 km of Ciudad del Leste (Paraguay).
At 1.350 km of São Paulo (Brazil).
At 1.140 km of Motevideo (Uruguay).






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